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The Berlin Simulation and Training Centre (BeST) offers a variety of different training programmes. Most of the training is practical and consists of methodical, scenario-based, immersive training units which aim to support the transfer of cognitive knowledge into practical action- and discretionary competencies.


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The BeST designs training concepts for spreading knowledge as part of the preparations made for a new product’s implementation. The correct application of new knowledge, new medical technology or new medication can be learnt at our customized advanced training courses. Using human specimens, simulators and actors in their training, our participants are being optimally prepared for a new medical invention’s safe and effective application in diagnostics, therapy and innovation.

The training scenario could be hip or knee surgery, laparoscopic bowel surgery or stereotactic intracranial surgery. It could also be a S3-guideline, an area of indication, a new IT-practice, user interface or medical device. Furthermore, at the BeST, topics in the fields of ethics, communication, cultural change and management of crisis situations can be thematized in an emotional manner and expediently discussed.

We will pick the most suitable model to provide our participants with and bring together experts for this particular concept.

The participants of our advanced training courses will learn about the new products in an immersive, practice-oriented context and be able to recognise and assess the added value that is resulting from the novelties.


Courses offered by the BeST


Berlin Regional Anaesthesia Immersion Course
Shared Decision Making, Frailty and Level of Care
Crisis Resource Management

Intensive-care Medicine

Sedation, Analgesia and Delirium Management
Ventilation and Weaning
Difficult Airway Management
Early Mobilization and Positioning Therapy
Cardiac Insufficiency


Treatment of the Eloquent Brain Tumor

Emergency Medicine

Advanced Life Support
Child Emergency Care Course