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In our training and professional development programs, we frequently encounter the challenge that participants face in visualizing the three-dimensional aspects of the human body, thereby gaining an understanding of structures within the visceral, cranial, and parietal systems.

In our course, our aim is to overcome this mental barrier and facilitate the practical application of acquired knowledge. By doing so, you will perceive your patients from a different perspective and develop an enhanced understanding for targeted therapies.

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Creating a learning environment that provides the utmost benefit to the course participants, in the interest of their future patients, is our top priority. BeST offers courses for:

  • Physicians
  • Other healthcare professionals
  • Research personnel

These courses are conducted at the premises of the Anatomical Institute of Charité Universitätsmedizin, facilitating direct, intensive, and comprehensive engagement with the subject matter.

Anatomical Collection

The anatomical collection of our interdisciplinary department encompasses various medical specimens dating back to the 18th century. With its wax, plaster, and wooden models, plastinates, corrosion preparations, metal casts of organs, as well as pathological-anatomical and zoological objects, the Charité Anatomy Collection is particularly significant for medical training and professional development in the field of medicine.

Body Donation for Medicine and Research

The interdisciplinary department heavily relies on individuals who voluntarily pledge their bodies to medical education and research during their lifetime. As body donation in Berlin-Brandenburg requires a "Last Will and Testament," the Charité Anatomy Department also provides information on this sensitive topic.

Course offerings for Osteopaths