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VPT Berlin Brandenburg

The year 2020, in connection with the TSVG (Terminservice- und Versorgungsgesetz) and the new therapy catalog, presents new challenges for colleagues in the therapeutic professions. We are preparing you for these challenges.

In cooperation between VPT Berlin Brandenburg and Charité, in collaboration with BeST, the Berlin Simulation and Training Center, represented by PD Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Jöns, an exclusive series of anatomy courses is being designed and conducted specifically for therapists.

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Learning Concept:

This course series is specifically designed to meet the therapeutic needs and is based on everyday therapeutic practice.

Our goal is to refresh and deepen the anatomical knowledge acquired during training and professional life, focusing on the specific regions of the body covered in each course.

The courses are conducted in the dissection rooms of the Anatomical Institute of Charité. All courses are hands-on courses. The direct interaction with specially prepared anatomical specimens, the intensive exploration of various tissues and their structural characteristics, naturally leads to discussions among participants and instructors, enabling all participants to achieve the course objectives.

General Information about the Courses:

Each course has a clear thematic focus and is self-contained, not building upon previous courses. All courses can be booked individually. Certain fundamentals, such as the fascial system or the autonomic nervous system, are addressed in various courses, each time with new perspectives. The courses are jointly supervised by experienced instructors from the Anatomy departments of Charité and VPT (Association of Physical Therapists). This allows for a strong connection between practice, for example, a patient with a shoulder problem, and theory, represented by anatomical specimens depicting the rotator cuff in great detail, facilitating comprehensive discussions. Ample time is allocated for independent study of the specimens in all courses, allowing each participant to find their own learning rhythm. Under guidance, participants have the opportunity to dissect a human specimen themselves, thereby uncovering the anatomical structures layer by layer. This is undoubtedly the "gold standard" for learning or deepening knowledge of anatomy. We assume that participants have a good to very good level of anatomical knowledge in all courses.

Course Topics:

  • Upper Extremity / Cervical Spine
  • Lower Extremity / Lumbar Spine
  • Thorax / Abdomen
  • Neck / Head / Cranium / Central and Peripheral Nervous System, Neurology Fascia


  • The dates can be found on our partner's website.
  • Each course lasts for 2 days.


(The course takes place in German language)

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